Slow Cooker Meal: Irish Brisket & Ale Stew

Bring the flavor of Ireland home in the easiest way ever! This authentic beef stew with the famously rich flavor is ready in your slow cooker with hardly any effort. You'll enjoy sinking your teeth into meaty chunks of aged beef, roasted skin-on red potatoes, pearl onions, hearty carrots, and peas, all simmering in a deep, complex broth made with malty porter ale. Just add the ingredients from your freezer to your slow cooker in the morning, go about your day, and after a few final touches before dinner, you'll relish the authentic flavor of real Irish beef stew. Slainte! (That means "cheers" in Gaelic Irish!) Omaha Steaks Slow Cooker Meals are THE solution to dinner. You'll get generous portions of premium meats, perfectly prepped and chopped vegetables and herbs, and everything else needed to make an incredible family dinner in one pot. Just follow the easy instructions in the morning (no thawing needed), put the ingredients directly in your slow cooker, and wait! No prep, no work, no worries.