Looking for an easy dish to spice up your weeknight dinner... in under 15 minutes? Just reach for our Poblano Chicken & Rice Skillet Meal. This ain't your grandma's Chicken and Rice, no way. We've taken our most plump and juicy, premium Omaha Steaks chicken tenders and paired them with the sultry, mellow taste of fire-roasted yellow and red bell peppers, and green chiles. And we don't stop there... The magic truly happens when you sauté it all together with the bold flavors within Omaha Steaks smoky Ancho Chile Barbeque rub. Plated on a bed of red quinoa and delicate white rice, this easy, all-in-one kit is the ultimate way to transform any dinner into a bona fide fiesta of flavor!

Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals put high-quality chef-inspired dinners on your table in fifteen minutes or less! You're the cook, but all the hard work's been done - planning, chopping, measuring, reducing sauces, etc. Just take the ingredients straight from your freezer and saute them in your favorite skillet! But this assistance doesn't mean you're not eating well... Omaha Steaks Skillet Meals are free of ingredients you can't pronounce. Bring this exciting, easy, one-of-a-kind meal into your dinner repertoire today! Each Omaha Steaks Skillet Meal serves two to three.