Skillet Meal: Pork Chili Verde

Kick dull dinners to the curb and bring home a touch of heat... without the spice! Exclusively from Omaha Steaks, our Skillet Meal: Pork with Roasted Peppers is the perfect way to put a southwestern favorite on every plate. If you have a skillet and 15 minutes to spare, you already have everything you need. This flavor-packed recipe starts with premium pork - perfectly seasoned and cut into meaty portions - then mixes with a colorful blend of fire roasted tomatoes, green and poblano chilies, red peppers, corn, tomatillos, and onions. All of it sautés together in a southwest-inspired blend of chipotle pepper, smoky paprika, garlic, lime, and ancho chilies for a heaping helping of zest. And there's no need to sweat, it's not spicy! Served on a bed of long grain rice, our all-in-one Pork with Roasted Peppers is guaranteed to be everything your weeknight dinners have been missing.