Mushrooms & Blue Cheese and Honey Bourbon Onions
2 total items   #3027WZB
  • 1 (5 oz.) Toppers: Mushrooms & Blue Cheese
  • 1 (5 oz.) Toppers: Sweet Bourbon Onions
Get your hands on this duo of steak-perfect Omaha Steaks Toppers! These two gourmet, chef-inspired toppings will turn every juicy, beefy morsel of meat into a flavor-packed experience that you'd only find at the highest quality steakhouses... until now! Both flavorful toppers come chef-prepped and frozen-fresh in. You'll get one tray each of our Mushrooms & Blue Cheese, and Sweet Bourbon Onions. These nofuss metal trays are ready to go from freezer-to-grill right along side your sizzling steaks. Get ready for next-level steaks with this sampler pack of grill-ready Omaha Steaks Toppers today!