When a roast like this sits at the head of the table, eyes widen and jaws simply drop! Aged to perfection and beautifully crafted by our expert butchers, this well-marbled Omaha Steaks beef roast boasts big, beefy flavor and irresistibly tender, juicy texture. You're set up for holiday dinner success - the rib bones are Frenched in the traditional manner (cut & cleaned for perfect presentation), so all you need to do is season and roast. And those bones aren't just for looks - they insulate during cooking for even better, juicier prime rib flavor. Our Frenched Bone-In Prime Rib Roast makes the perfect solution for those that desire to serve impressive, bone-in cuts to your fortunate guests. Choose the size you need to feed a family large or small. A 6 lb. roast serves 6-8 people.