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Gifts with real purpose

Gift in person
Giving a custom certificate at a home closing is sure to WOW your clients.
Gourmet first meal
Treat your clients to a memorable, world-famous Omaha Steaks dinner in their new home.
Be a Referral King
An Omaha Steaks closing gift will leave a lasting impact and boost your referrals!
Reinforce your clients' trust
Buying a home is a stressful event. A gourmet gift from Omaha Steaks sends an additional message to your client that you are there to help make that process easy.
Gifting made easy.
Our custom gift certificates can be easily purchased online at any time, with a variety of price points; assuring you the flexibility of the right gift. You can even purchase seasoning kits to add additional "spice" to your closing gift experience.
Show your stuff
Our custom certificates and gourmet packages give you a chance to craft a personal message to share your appreciation to your client. And best of all, the message is FREE!

Elements of the Perfect Closing Gift.

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Closing Gifts Done Right
A large home builder turned to Omaha Steaks to give a memorable closing gift to recipient of their new home and also rewarded the realtor with an Omaha Steaks gift as well! They worked with a closing gift expert to find the perfect gourmet combination to match their gift budget. The client took advantage of the personalized greeting and branded shipping label to create a truly memorable gift. They were very pleased with the ease of implementation, the reliability of the product shipments and the positive feedback from their customers regarding their closing gift.
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