The Dad Department®

Dads love steak, we love steak… so Omaha Steaks loves dads! In fact, Omaha Steaks is a family-owned company founded by a father and son 100 years ago, so the relationship is in our DNA. Here in The Dad Department® you’ll find fatherly advice and curated content for food-loving dads and their families, and it always comes back to steak.


Yep, it’s official. We’re claiming the title. The Official Snack of Dads.   Meet the all-new line-up of premium beef jerky and pork hunter’s sausage from Omaha Steaks. It’s here in the Dad Department because there’s no better way to feed busy, hungry,...

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Dad’s Cooking Tonight: Thanksgiving Dinner (!)

A gourmet meal from freezer to table in less than 2 hours... I did it! I pulled off a Thanksgiving dinner. But I cheated. Sort of. I mean, it's not cheating it you don't get caught, right? I’ll let you decide, but before you do, let’s turkey trot back to the beginning...

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Dad’s Cooking Tonight: Halloween Meal Ideas

How to make a gourmet family meal for the month of monsters Make it easy, make it fun and make it delicious. That’s how I approach my once-a-month endeavor known as “Dad’s Cooking Tonight.” If I can succeed with those three things, the family meal is a success, and...

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