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Triple Trimmed® Filets
Omaha Steaks® DAILY DEAL!
These succulent steaks are completely trimmed of exterior fat, so each delicious steak is all steak. Enjoy the finest Filet Mignon experience!

6 (5 oz.) Triple-Trimmed® Filet Mignons 867XM
Reg. $149.00 | Save $69.01 | Now Only $79.99
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Private Reserve® Rib Crown Steak
SAVE $166.00
NEW! 8 (7 oz.) Private Reserve® Rib Crown Steak 41956WZC
Reg. $318.00 Hot Buy $152.00
Private Reserve® Bone-In Frenched RibEye
SAVE $69.01
2 (18 oz.) Private Reserve® Bone-in Ribeye Cowboy Steaks 3307WZC
Reg. $139.00 Hot Buy $69.99
Snow Crab Cocktail Claws
SAVE $30.00
1 (1 lb. pkg.) Snow Crab Cocktail Claws 1364WZC
Reg. $54.99 Hot Buy $24.99
Filet Mignons
SAVE $37.00
4 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons 1135WZC
Reg. $86.99 Hot Buy $49.99

Tenderloin Tips
SAVE $54.01
6 (1 lb. pkgs.) Tenderloin Tips 582WZC
Reg. $139.00 Hot Buy $84.99
Triple Trimmed® Filets
SAVE $123.01
12 (5 oz.) Triple-Trimmed® Filet Mignons 868WZC
Reg. $298.00 Hot Buy $174.99
Filet Mignons
SAVE $66.01
6 (7 oz.) Filet Mignons 775WZC
Reg. $159.00 Hot Buy $92.99
Boneless Pork Chops
SAVE $40.00
12 (6 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops 7922WZC
Reg. $94.99 Hot Buy $54.99

Shrimp Cakes
SAVE $26.00
16 (2.25 oz.) Shrimp Cakes 999WZC
Reg. $54.99 Hot Buy $28.99
Green Bean Casserole
SAVE $8.00
2 (12 oz. trays) Green Bean Casserole 1552WZC
Reg. $19.99 Hot Buy $11.99
Sage Dressing
SAVE $15.00
2 (11 oz. trays) Sage Dressing 2264WZC
Reg. $24.99 Hot Buy $9.99
All Natural Turkey Gravy - everyone will think you made it from scratch.
SAVE $9.00
2 (12 oz. trays) All-Natural Turkey Gravy 2266WZC
Reg. $24.99 Hot Buy $15.99

Steakhouse Potatoes
SAVE $18.00
2 (11 oz. trays) Steakhouse Potatoes 2230WZC
Reg. $29.99 Hot Buy $11.99
Chuao Gift Box
NEW! 8 piece Chuao Chocolate Gift Box 2479WZC
Hot Buy $9.99
Enstrom Chocolate Cookie Peppermint Bark
NEW! 8 oz. pkg. Enstrom Peppermint Cookie Bark 2477WZC
Hot Buy $12.99
Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies
SAVE $9.42
30 Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Dough portions 1506WZC
Reg. $29.99 Hot Buy $20.57

The Chef's Sampler
NEW! The Chef's Sampler 2467WZC
Hot Buy $29.99
The Elite Sampler
NEW! The Elite Sampler 2468WZC
Hot Buy $29.99
The Gourmet Sampler
NEW! The Gourmet Sampler 2469WZC
Hot Buy $29.99
The Grand Sampler
NEW! The Grand Sampler 2470WZC
Hot Buy $49.99

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6 (5 oz.) Triple-Trimmed® Filet Mignons
Reg. $149.00 | Now Only $79.99
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