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Omaha Steaks Father's Day 2015

There's really only one thing to say in exchange for a lifetime of sacrifice and love. But there's more than one thing to give. This year, give Dad what he really wants - Omaha Steaks. No more ties, no more gimmicks. He's never asked for anything in return, but he's never said "no" to a great steak, either.

The Best Father's Day Gift

Gourmet Grass-fed Selection Gourmet Grass-fed Selection 43556WZC
  • 4 (7 oz.) Grass-Fed Ribeyes
  • 4 (6 oz.) Grass-Fed Ground Beef Burgers
  • 2 (7 oz. trays) Roasted Vegetable Medley
  • 4 (5 oz. pkgs.) Smashed Red Potatoes
  • Signature Seasoning Packet
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Real Dads, Real Thanks

Thanks, Dad.
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Brad and Trav
What's the one thing your father can do to make you laugh, no matter what?

"He tells terrible jokes. I love them. I (say) things in my life, where it strikes fear into my heart, like, oh my gosh, I am my Dad."
Joselin and Nikki
What's the one thing your father can do to make you laugh, no matter what?

"One thing my dad does that makes me laugh no matter what is when he tries to dance merengue or bachata. He can't really move his hips that well, so it's funny seeing him try to dance that way."
Kavoos and Bobak
What's the most remarkable thing about your dad?

"He fought back from three liver surgeries and got through non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He's a true warrior and will always be my hero because of it. I cherish him every minute."
Dave and Chad
What's your very favorite thing about your father?

"His heart. I don't know many people who are as open and honestly affectionate as my dad. He never shies from a hug, he never tried to be the tough guy for me."
Jeff and Braxton
What's your very favorite thing about your dad?

"I like that he is funny, he is loving, and he's just... always there, and when I want to play football he'll play football with me. He is never too busy for me."
Jeff and Sage
What's the most remarkable thing about your father?

"His ability to know when I'm under the weather and be the first one to get me out of a bad mood. He definitely understands my need for ice cream."
Michael and Mia
If your dad had one superpower what would it be?

"He would have super strength to pick up the biggest bad guy in the world and pick the bad guy up and throw him on the wall! He's my superhero. He's not afraid of anything. Plus he plays basketball and shoots really well!"
Odell Sr. and Odell Jr.
What's the one thing you'd like to say to your father that you haven't ever said?

"The one thing that I have never said was I appreciate you dad for all the things you have shown me. I don't think he realizes how important he has been to our family and without his example, I would not be the man I am today."
Max and Jennifer
What's the most remarkable thing about your dad?

"No matter the situation, obstacle or challenge, my dad always overcomes it, and keeps working hard. Although (my mom) passed away one year ago, he maintained and still has such an optimistic view of life. He is always smiling and that is such a tribute to his strength."
Hiram Jr. and Hiram III
What is the thing in your life that you are most proud of, and how did your father help you accomplish it?

"The thing in my life that I am most proud of is graduating Space Camp. I wouldn't have gotten my astronaut wings if it weren't for my dad encouraging me to fly all the way out to Alabama."
David and Charlie
What's the most remarkable thing about your father?

"He is responsible for all of my courage and pride, as well as the appreciation for what I have. He made the decision to quit his band and start a family. He created a strong, thriving home life for me and my sister."
David and Hannah
How has your father helped you overcome a struggle you've had?

"One of my biggest struggles has been being bullied. My dad has helped me see that other people's opinions don't matter and that I should be who I am without worry."

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