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 B.A.'s son, Lester Simon, joined the company in 1929 and continued the family tradition, becoming President in 1946. Under his direction, the foodservice business continued to grow. In the 1940's, the Union Pacific Railroad was committed to serving fine food on its dining cars. Lester personally hand-picked Table Supply Meat Company's well-aged loin and rib cuts and steaks for the dining and private cars of the Union Pacific passenger trains that traveled between Omaha, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

As the business grew, more restaurants in distant parts of the country began calling to find out how they could purchase Table Supply meats for their restaurant menus. The foodservice business began expanding, adding sales regions throughout the Southeast, Southwest and Southern Midwest.

Soon the company's reputation spread to the general public, and by 1952 Lester Simon initiated the first company mail order venture. In those days, Table Supply Meat Company shipped its meats in dry ice-filled, wax lined, cardboard cartons. Nearly all package shipping was by train. Clearly demand was well ahead of distribution efficiency.

Between the late 1950's and early 1960's, three key innovations helped send the direct mail business into high gear: direct parcel shipping, polystyrene shipping coolers, and vacuum packaging. These new technologies allowed Table Supply Meat Company to ship its products to a much larger audience more efficiently. To satisfy consumer interest, our first direct mail flyers and catalogs were sent to customers in 1963. Only a year later color was added to the catalog which offered a broader product line. Throughout the years, the company's catalog program has expanded to include a variety of red meats, poultry, fish, seafood, smoked meats, desserts, pastas, soups and gift baskets.
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