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Omaha, NE - October 10, 2013

Omaha Steaks Featured in Elementary School Project
We had the wonderful opportunity to be the subject of a school research project done by third grader Zev of Swanson Elementary. The students were learning about the city of Omaha and were tasked with researching a place or sight that is unique to the city.

Zev said he chose Omaha Steaks for his project because, "They have great food and I love Omaha Steaks!"

In his presentation (below), Zev researched many things about Omaha Steaks including our history, product line and family owners. Filets, top sirloins, pork chops and even Omaha Steaks pet treats were among the things he highlighted.

Zev had the opportunity to interview Omaha Steaks family owners, Bruce and Todd Simon, for his written report. In it, he posed the question: "Where will Omaha Steaks be in 20 years?"

"In 20 years, everyone will be buying steaks on iPhones and have them delivered within 1 hour to their homes," the Simons said. "Omaha Steaks will also be sold everywhere, especially in China. Omaha Steaks will be the most recognized brand of beef in the world!"

Congratulations to Zev on a job well done!

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