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Omaha, NE - February 18, 2013

Omaha Steaks Makes Mobile Shopping Easy with StarStar Technology
Omaha Steaks announced today that is has selected the StarStar mobile engagement platform, securing **OMAHA (**66242) and **STEAK (**78325), to make it quick and easy for customers to receive offers and place orders for gourmet products via their mobile device.

Omaha Steaks will begin promoting **OMAHA at the Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival February 21-24. **OMAHA will be promoted on signs, through photo activation, online ads and promotional appearances to drive customers to special offers and recipes from the event.

"As a fifth generation family owned company, Omaha Steaks is honored to be on the cutting edge of this new technology that makes placing an order even easier," said Senior Vice President Todd Simon. "**STEAK and **OMAHA offer customers a simple, easy-to-remember way to order our gourmet products on their mobile device anywhere and at any time."

StarStar enables speedy access to apps, mobile websites, video, music, one-click purchasing, special deals, promotions, and social networking capabilities. Experiences can be customized in real-time to deliver relevant, local and engaging content, with an unprecedented level of performance data. The StarStar approach has generated positive engagement results for more than 100 brands including MTV, Unilever, UPS, L'Oreal, NFL, The Home Depot, Capital One, Dunkin Donuts, Intuit, American Idol, ABC News, ESPN, Ford and many others. Omaha Steaks is the first direct response company to own a vertical brand category like Steak and Omaha.

Throughout our nearly 100 year history, Omaha Steaks has been recognized nationwide for our premium-quality beef and gourmet foods, so using the **OMAHA and **STEAKS mobile numbers is a perfect fit," Simon said.

StarStar calls are treated like local calls. After the initial phone call (starting with ** on the keypad, followed by S-T-E-A-K or O-M-A-H-A), users instantly receive a text message or audio greeting prompting them to engage further, and at that point they can opt in, based on their phone's capabilities, to place an order by phone, or receive a text message with a special offer and link to OmahaSteaks.com. Standard voice, data and/or text charges based on the user's plan apply at that time.

"We're delighted to see a category defining brand like Omaha Steaks put StarStar to use in their marketing campaigns to reach on-the-go customers in the moment and drive business" said Joe Gillespie, President and CEO of Zoove, the company behind StarStar.

About StarStar & Zoove

StarStar is a registry of easy to remember vanity mobile phone numbers that lets brands easily connect with people - anytime, anywhere, on any mobile phone. Zoove is the exclusive provider of StarStar for the largest wireless operators in the United States, reaching more than 250 million people. With StarStar numbers, consumers can dial in their mobile phone the brand they see being promoted. Instantly, they can be pushed to that brand's mobile app, Web page, coupon, videos or more, directly to their mobile phones - without the need to use bar code readers or disjointed text message short codes. StarStar numbers are designed to be promoted as part of any marketing campaign, such as: billboards, print ads, TV and radio commercials, online ads and more. StarStar provides the mobile connection brands are seeking, and the ability to measure the results instantly. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., additional information about StarStar is available at www.getstarstar.com or by simply calling **SALES (**72537) from a mobile phone.

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