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New Year's Eve

The New Year's Party
Here's your chance to throw the type of party you've always wanted! From casual get togethers to more formal soirées, New Year's is the time to celebrate in style! Keep it simple and offer appetizers and desserts only. Streamers and balloons make any occasion special... and nothing says New Year's like lots of confetti! Of course, you won't want to forget the Champagne and sparkling cider for midnight. (If you have any fireworks left over from July, New Year's is a great time to light up the night!)

  Letter to yourself
Looking for a quieter, introspective New Year's Celebration? Put on some inspirational music, gather the family around the table, grab a pen and paper and start writing. Take an hour and write a letter to yourself that talks about your hopes, dreams and goals for the coming year. Be very specific on how you want life to be and how you will accomplish this. Then address an envelope to yourself and put in the letter. Place the family's letters together and you can mail them to yourself mid-December next year. You'll be amazed at how much progress you will have made toward your dreams, simply by writing them down for yourself.

The Fireplace Ceremony
Have you had a rough year this year? Are you looking forward to better times? Everyone has a rough patch now and again... but New Year's is the perfect time to put that all behind you. Take a piece of plain white paper and write down all your cares and worries. List situations you'd like to change and obstacles you'd like to overcome. Now light your fireplace, crumple that piece of paper up and toss it in the fire. Now imagine starting your New Year with a fresh frame of mind and a clean slate. Wish yourself a happier New Year and then make it happen!
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