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Ideas for New Family Traditions

Traditions don't always have to be something that's handed down. You can create new traditions that fit your family, lifestyle and priorities any time that you feel like it! Here are a few ideas that can get you thinking about traditions at your house!

Date Night...
For those who never seem to be able to get away for an evening together, create a Date Night at your house and rekindle your feelings with a little down time alone. Pick a night of the week to put the kids to bed early. (They're still snug in their own beds, so you don't need to feel guilty!) Plan on eating a snack when they eat dinner, then indulge yourself in a delicious dinner or light appetizers after they've nodded off. Share a nice bottle of wine as you relate the week's events.

  If Date Night falls on a weekend evening, why not rent a movie you'll both enjoy, fix a tempting bite and open a bottle of great wine.
  • Gone with the Wind - Pork Loin Louisianne with California Red Zinfandel or a Fume Blanc
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's - Chateaubriand with Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Dr. Zhivago - Champagne Crab Cakes with Champagne or Fume Blanc
  • Titanic - King Crab Legs with Riesling or Chardonnay
  • Chocolat - Dark Chocolate Ecstasy Cake with Port or Champagne

Celebrate the Family...
Turn any day of the year into a special celebration with a simple "Red Plate Special"! Next time you're at a store that has open stock dinner-ware take a look around. Find a stunning Red Plate (or blue, or purple.... whatever appeals to your family's style) and buy one place setting. Then find a complementary or contrasting place mat and drinking glass. Now you have the makings of a celebration for exceptional achievements and special days. When it's someone's birthday... out comes the Red Plate Special. Soccer goals, great report cards, promotions, anniversaries and more can all be celebrated with the Red Plate. Add more "special" days to your year by truly celebrating the accomplishments of family members that might have gone by with little fanfare.

  Need more Red Plate Special ideas... here are a few more things to celebrate:
  • Special guests
  • First Day of School
  • VIP of the week status
  • Any and all sports accomplishments
  • Compliments from teachers & coaches
  • Confirmation
  • Great test scores

No Excuses Family Dinner...
In today's hectic world it is easy for families to feel like ships that pass in the night... floating in and out of the same house, yet never spending any time together. Don't let this happen to your family. Pick one Sunday a month (or every other Sunday if you're really ambitious) and make it the "No Excuses Family Dinner" night. Have everyone clear their calendars..."No Excuses"... and have a quiet evening together. Enjoy a nice dinner, talk over the past week and plan out the week to come. Then maybe enjoy a family movie or game after dinner is finished.

Note: You can make the family dinner as formal or casual as you like. Cookout if the weather is nice and hang out together on the deck or patio. Break out the beach towels and have an indoor picnic if the weather isn't so pleasant. Let a different person pick their favorite meal each time there's a Family Dinner. Splurge and have a "Eat dessert first" dinner every so often. Have breakfast for dinner if your family likes breakfast. The possibilities for making this fun and fresh are endless... so start now..."No Excuses!"

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