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A Merry Christmas

Starting new holiday traditions and keeping old ones alive is part of what makes Christmas so special in the hearts of many. If you have a family tradition that you love, by all means pass it along to the next generation and email it to us, we'd love to hear about it. You might even find it mentioned in next year's Omaha Steaks holiday event guide.

New traditions don't have to be extravagant... often the more simple they are the more meaningful they become.

  Christmas Eve Ideas...

Traditional Meal and Lights
Pick a warm and cozy comfort food the entire family loves and make it your "Traditional Christmas Eve Meal". Take the time to sit down and enjoy it together. Then load the family in the car, turn on the Christmas music and spend an hour or two "oohhing & ahhhing" at the best light displays in your city!

Special Family Ornaments
Pick a year when all your family members will go forth and find the "absolutely perfect" ornament for them. From that day forward, everyone will have their own ornament. On Christmas Eve gather everyone together and have a special ornaments ceremony. Each individual can tell a highlight about the past year, share a blessing or voice a hope for the New Year as they place their special ornament on the tree.

Carols and Early Gifts
Pick a few of your favorite Christmas Carols and sing them as a group. After the "caroling" is through, open all the gifts from family members and friends who won't be with the family on Christmas morning. Cap off your evening with some hot chocolate with marshmallows and your favorite Christmas movie or special.

Christmas Day Celebrations...

Peppermint Pig at Dinner
After your Christmas Dinner pass around a "Peppermint Pig" to get the conversation rolling! Simply place the pig in the pouch that comes with him, and then pass the pouch and the hammer to each person at the table. Each relates a blessing or the story of something wonderful that has happened in the last year. Then they hit the pig with the hammer and pass him to the next person. After everyone has shared a story, the pig pouch is passed around again and everyone nibbles on a piece of the peppermint pig... which is supposed to bring health, happiness and prosperity for the coming year.

Christmas Evening Candles
Get a package of your favorite holiday scented long taper candles. Pick your favorite Christmas carol. Gather the family around the tree and light one person's candle. They then have to list three great things that happened this past year. When they are done, they light the next person's candle and blow out their own. After everyone has given their accounting of great things, use the last person's candle to relight everyone's and say a family blessing or sing another favorite carol.

Game Night with the Kids
Nothing quite surpasses the looks of wonder on children's faces Christmas morning. But don't let the fun stop when the last present is open. Declare Christmas night a "we're all kids here" zone and open up the games the whole family can play. Then devote the rest of the evening to making sure it's a Christmas the kids will never forget!
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