You’ve come to the right place. Omaha Steaks is America’s Original Butcher, the true authority on all things steak. Our experienced staff of chefs and foodies are obsessed with steak, and the Omaha Steaks blog will make you an expert, too. Learn the differences between steaks, understand how and why great beef is great, and get the inside track on serving unforgettable steaks here.

How to Grill a Flat Iron Steak

The Flat iron Steak is becoming increasingly popular on restaurant menus across the country, and for good reason! Here’s how to grill a Flat Iron Steak.

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This is the Only Way to Smoke Steak

There are a lot of ways you can cook a massive steak like our King Cuts, but one of the best methods out there relies on only one thing: smoke! If you’ve never smoked a steak before, here’s your chance to try it — trust us, the results are...

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We Know Your Favorite Steak Based On Your Drink Choice

Everyone has a favorite steak cut. Some prefer filet mignon, others a flat iron...the list goes on! With so many awesome cuts of steak to choose from, sometimes choosing a favorite can be tricky. Don't worry about trying to decide between cuts. We know the truth. We...

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Steakology 101: Filet Mignon

With its delicate fork-tender texture and elegant mild flavor, Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon is a truly unique steak that begs to be savored.

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What is Filet Mignon?

Most of us know that a "Filet Mignon" is a revered cut of beef steak, but do we really know what makes it so special? To understand what a Filet Mignon is, we must first understand what the tenderloin is, as that is the origin of the Filet. Picture two long, slender...

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